March Student Spotlight

by Katie Dorn on March 3, 2021
EmpowerU is thrilled to celebrate the positive change students are able to make by applying what they learn in our course to their daily lives. Each month we will highlight one specific student to share their story about how they have been empowered to make improvements to their mental health and well-being with the support of their EmpowerU coach!

Interview with EmpowerU 10th grade student:

EmpowerU is definitely the most powerful and influential course I’ve taken. If all of my classes were designed like EmpowerU I would love school.

Where in your life do you see improvements from taking this course?
I find myself subconsciously thinking more positively now. Before I took EmpowerU I had a hard time being positive, but now it comes to me really easily. 
How would you describe this course to a friend?
I would describe this course as less of a traditional class, and more of a self development course. I really loved how involved the instructor is and how interested she is in our lives. In a lot of my other classes, the teacher’s priority is for us to get all of our work done and get good grades—regardless of if we even learned the material. In EmpowerU, the teacher’s priority is to help us learn the material, and grades are not stressed so much. 

What was the most powerful part of the course for you?
The most powerful part of this course was definitely the involvement of my EmpowerU Coach each day. She made it a priority to check up on me each day and help me overcome my anxiety and learn better ways of coping.
- Female Student, 10th Grade, Minneapolis

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