April Student Spotlight

by Katie Dorn on April 15, 2021
EmpowerU is thrilled to celebrate the positive change students are able to make by applying what they learn in our course to their daily lives. Each month we will highlight one specific student to share their story about how they have been empowered to make improvements to their mental health and well-being with the support of their EmpowerU coach!

How did this course help you make personal change? 

This course helped me identify my habits that get in my way of reaching goals. It also helped me understand how I react to things in ways that are not healthy.  It also made me think about the type of friend I want to be and the type of friends I need to surround me. Overall it made me very self aware.

Now that I am self aware I can work to change all the things I realize don't align with my values.

What is your greatest improvement or gain from EmpowerU?

I used to think that I had no control over my emotions,  but EmpowerU has helped me realize I actually do! I am now more focused and calm.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about how EmpowerU impacted your life?

I'm sad that this course is over. I really enjoyed it and learned so much! I wanna give you my coach a big thank you for all of her feedback.  I know I didn't always reply but I read them and really appreciated it all.

I wasn't expecting this course to be so personal but it was -- and I loved that it was! It really made me feel more comfortable to open up, because I actually had someone listening to me.

- Female Student, 11 Grade, Minneapolis

Topics: rooted in relationship, coaching methodolgy, student spotlight